the total eradication of a natural hazard

o Monitoring of the diphasic stream

- Liquid flow rate
- Liquid speed
- Depth of the column foot
- Pressure at different depths
- Differential of temperature (cooling of the water)
- Axial strength on the column (level of the raft)

o Surveillance of the de-stratification

- CO2 dissolved concentration:
- liquid flow rate
- gas flow rate
- Conductivity
- Temperature

o Fundamental parameters

- Temperature of the bottom of the lake
- Temperature gradient in the sediments

o Meteorology

- Rain gauge
- Air temperature
- Suface lake water temperature
- Lake water level
- Flow rate at the spillway
- Temperature of the stream feeding the lake from the South

o Technological parameters

- Battery levels
- Pressurised bottle pressures

Technical annexes :