The CTD readings (Conductivity, Temperature, Depth) are taken about every 6 months by technicians of the Cameroon IRGM.
These readings are reproduced on the figure opposite and show the general subsistence of the lake waters due to the functioning of the degassing column.
This effect is particularly great at the level of the two chemoclines :

- 1) the first, which was clearly obvious in 2001 at the –50 meter level has been somewhat weakened by the mixing of waters and has been lowered by fifteen metres.

- 2) The second, situated at –185 metres in 2001 has gone down by ten metres with, here as well, a de-stratification effect due to mixing of the layers of water in contact with each other.


On the quantitative level, the liquid output from a depth of 203 m is around 2 million cubic metres per year. The quantity of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is about 38 tonnes per year. The recharge in water will be around 500,000 cubic metres a year. The amount of gas in this water will be 12 tonnes a year, supposing that the water is saturated in gas.